Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Had a sale today! I have come to the conclusion that zombies are very popular on etsy. My husband is obsessed with zombies and I decided to give it a try and make a children's zombie ice pack. I made it a little more kid friendly of course, I would have liked to have made it more "zombieish" with brains coming out and an eyeball falling out of its socket, but I figured parents wouldnt want to buy a grosse ice pack for their child. I think little boys would love a really grosse looking zombie, but they're not buying, their parents are! What do you all think? I have many more to make but right now I'm focusing on making guitar pick earrings. I'm stocking up for the craft show I'm doing in September. My guitar pick earrings were almost sold out and it was rained out the first day! So I'm hoping for a good turnout again. I'm also hoping these ice packs sell well. They will be shown for the first time this September. If not, they sure are fun to make!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Guitar Pick Earrings >

Children's Icee Packs >



  1. oh, that zombie icepack is adorable! (oops, I mean, terrifying! :).

  2. Love the zombie! And this is from the person whose favorite movie is "Shaun of the Dead". Love the earrings too - very cool!