Monday, March 22, 2010


Anya is my 2 month old baby girl whom I love to bits. I'm thinking she might be teething but I'm not quite sure. I'm about 85% positive she is. She's drooling a lot now and sucking on her fist. Yesterday his mom informed me that with all three of her kids they would get a fever and vomit. Guess what happens this morning? Not only did the dog vomit all over the place (bless her heart I taught her to do it outside and she tried her hardest to make it), Anya also vomited on me and herself. So it's been an eventful morning to say the least. Not only is she drooling, sucking and vomiting.... she cries, oh lord does she cry! Last night she cried so hard I felt so bad for her.
Wes has helped me out a lot. We have an agreement where he stays up with her late while I go to bed early and I get up with her at night. She was doing well with sleeping through the night but ever since she got her shots she's reverted back to getting up at 3:30am and 5 or 6am. It's not bad though, she's pretty good about going back to sleep.
I just hope I'm right about teething and it's not something else. Oh well, I love her, teething and all!


  1. She's adorable! 2 months is pretty young to start teething, but every child is different if her gums look swollen or a little red, that's a sign. a cool damp washcloth or cool frozen teether are really good to soothe teething pain

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. Congratulations!