Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's getting so big!

Anya is growing so quickly! I can't gt over it! She had her first camping trip recently which didn't go too well with her! She loves being outside but I think the heat and bugs for that period of time didnt agree with her so we went home early. You wouldn't know by the pictures! Father's day is coming up and of course daddy had to buy some "Daddy's girl" onesies! She's going to look adorable! Today she has discovered her feet and squeeling! Yay for us! haha. She also loves to jump now and we're trying to look for a large rug for a good price for her to practice crawling on. (We have hardwood floors). Any suggestions? A rug isn't something we want to get from a yard sale, so it needs to be store bought.

As of right now with the weight loss, I'm stuck in limbo. I do Zumba every now anad again, but it's a bit expensive, so I'm waiting to get paid again. I will get into gear here again soon.

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  1. Im gonna need you to go to the post office, get a flat rate box and ship Anya to me....

    That is all!
    Miss you guys!