Thursday, May 13, 2010

HUGE Contest for you!

OK. So I am in LOVE with Etsy and I LOVE buying on Etsy and showing off other people's shop! What I am going to do is *Blog* about one of you wonderful people! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! I also will BUY from your shop too! I only ask one thing from you! Im not rich by any means, so you need something in your shop that is at least 10 dollars. That's the most I can spend. SO here's what you need to do in order to be considered.

*Follow my blog
*Comment on this blog

That's IT! I will go through all of the shops and decide on Tuesday May 18 and the blog will show on Wed May 19. Good Luck to you all! I can't wait!



  1. This sounds wonderful Ashley. I hope this brings you more followers. GL.

  2. This is a great idea.

    This is my shop btw. What kinds of stuff are you interested in?

  3. Opps./

    Here is my shop/

  4. Ashley,
    That sounds great. You can check me out. I have some sassy rufflem bloomers or pillow case dress if you are interest in I will sell them to you for 10.00. I sell them for $15.00 and up!! Have fun looking

  5. Hey,

    I think this is such a neat "take" on a giveaway! I might borrow your idea one of these days!

    My shop is - I don't currently have anything $10 or less on there, but I can see your point, and I will have to work on that! If you pick me, I will meet you half-way and give you a $10 off the price of whatever you pick out.

    What kinds of things would you like to see at $10 or less?

  6. What a fun idea! Here is my shop,

    I have fabric gift bags that are less than $10 a piece.

  7. Your daughter is SOOO cute!
    My store has is mostly $10.00 or under and i have items for you AND your daughter :)
    I sell whimsical art prints (over 60 pictures to choose from if you vist my flickr page!) upcycled greeting cards, postcards and recipe cards and you could get 2-4 items from my store for $10.00 :)

  8. Hi Ashley,

    I love your blog (not very techie so still trying to figure out how to follow it...but I'll get there!). Your daughter is absolutely adorable :)

    I've got plenty of great quality, unique items in my store and there's something for everyone. If you don't see exactly what you want, I love custom orders too! Best thing of all... I understand what it's like not to have lots of money (college student after all) so EVERYTHING in my shop is under $10!

    Here's my shop:

    Come take a look and I hope you like it :)


  9. Hi, there. You sound like a fun gal with some fun ideas.

  10. roguebazzar - i love everything etsy! im excited to look at all of your shops!

  11. Hi Ashley, fantastic idea. I love etsy too, so many creative people sell there.

    Here is my shop

  12. I have 8x8 prints that are $8.00 or 5x7 prints that are $5 - Both $10 or under when you include shipping. My shop is here -

  13. I realized that I forgot to include my shop. Opps.

  14. Ashley, I did a "follow" to your blog some time ago, so hope that counts. I do not have anything in my shop for $10, but I will be willing to let you have anything that is $15-$18 for $10. Just let me know via email, and I will make a reserved item for you.

    Hope to see you there!

  15. I'm loving all of these shops! I hearted all of you thus far and will continue to decide up until Tuesday. I will let the winner know by convo if they won. Kepp posting! ;)

  16. This is such a fantastic idea you can check my shop out at and if you wanna follow my blog you can at hopefully you pickme...

  17. Here's my link :)